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Frequently Asked Questions


How to know his ascendancy?

To know his ascendancy must know his time of birth. The ascendancy is completely dependent on the time and place of birth.

What are the good and bad planets and what is the best indication ?

There are no good or bad sign as there is no right or wrong planet .
The signs are somehow cutting the human psyche into 12 archetypes. One of the major interests of the humanistic astrology, is precisely to meet all facets of our personality , bright as the dark .
It occurs the same with planets, each has its energy that can be deployed in a positive way or the negative way. But working with the astrologer will just make the most of these conflicts and their comfort zones. In addition, if you are such a sign is that there is a good reason to do so, the reason being that you are on Earth to express the qualities as well as defects in your sign and all your planets . Since this is yours, this is necessarily good for you.

What is a transit?

Passages of real world on a sensitive point in our natal chart.
This movement of planets called " transits " that can tell if the period will be calm or agitated, what kind of agitation and from these the consultant is able to direct his life. Do never lose sight of that astrology is a reading grid that works on symbols. Want to translate the symbol specific event is often difficult and error-prone because it often lacks the astrologer If such information as above we are in a strong transit of Uranus, consciously or unconsciously, we will bring the occurrence of an important event that will change our lives. But the important event can be very different from one person to another.

How explain the influence of the planets on our lives?

Everyone is agree to recognize the influence of the moon on our moods , vegetation , tides ... It is more difficult to accept the influence of Jupiter located 778 million kilometers from the Sun ( Earth located app. 150 million ) , and the small planet Pluto is located 6 billion kilometers from the Sun .
In fact the planets have few influence on us, but when our birth and our first breath we inspired the energies present at the time, and these are energies that we remain responsive throughout our lives.
During transits which reproduces the energy we received at birth. Even if they are never quite the same over as the zodiac sky is always moving , it puts us in a state of reception sensitivity and this triggers either an event or a reflection, also depends on our free referee and our spiritual evolution.



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