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Ascending and astrological signs correlation

The orientation of an astrological sign is influenced by the ascendancy. Let determine the individual personality depending on location and the exact time of his birth.

The zodiac sign is assigned depending on the time , the exact time of birth of an individual. The time of birth is expressed in Universal Time (UTC ) . The rising sign is a sign of the zodiac which corresponds to the planet sun rise in the east , place and exact time of birth. The assignment of a zodiac sign is according to the sign occupied by the Sun ( Sun sign ) at the time of birth of a person . In astrology, the sun and the moon are considered planets with a particular sign based on their positioning, their appearance on the ecliptic. Each planet permeates its influence on the zodiac sign . If a person has , for example, Mars ascendant as it is influenced by this planet throughout his life . Indeed, the ascendancy may modify its influence on the zodiac birth sign, in boosting or attenuating.

The constellation of the zodiac and ascendant

The sun and the moon are the backbone of the determination of the influence of the ascendant for each astrological sign. The Zodiac, which is a belt of the celestial sphere , as such a view of the Earth, describes the trajectory of the sun and the moon and the planets of the solar system , Mercury, Venus , Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. We know that the Earth revolves around the Sun in one year, the ecliptic and is also known that the rotation of the Earth takes place around its axis and the rotation period is 24 hours. Conjunctions of the planets at the time of birth are assumed to have an influence on the zodiac sign of a person. Indeed, the horoscope is also divided into twelve houses . The "houses" correspond to the period of the rotational movement of the Earth, that is to say 24 hours. In addition, the ascendancy marks the entrance of the First House , the most important. The first house is in Aries, it is she who will govern and shape the character of the individual, his temperament , his behavior in relation to the outside, his personality.

The importance of signs

For astrologers , the mapping of the positioning of signs in the zodiac constellation determines the interference of planets Sun, Moon, Earth , signs . Terrestrial phenomena are seen as the result of the conjunction of these planets , of universal gravitation . Because of the movements of the planets , especially the precession of the axis of rotation of the Earth, zodiac signs move. Thus, the sign of Aries is in the constellation Pisces . Arguably Pisces influenced the ascendant Aries. Astrologers therefore take account of these different movements to build their predictions that are different each day , even each astral year. What is constant is the uniqueness of the individual brought to birth the zodiacal sign under the influence of the ascendant.

The ascendancy of the signs

As has been repeatedly emphasized , the entry in the First House , the ascendant, is the most important. It prints the person something unique , attached to his being to its intrinsic consciousness, its own personality characteristics. Take the case of Aries : Aries ascendant is adventurous and confident, with an unshakeable self-control . Cancer, meanwhile, is romantic, too reserved and somewhat introverted . These two characters are opposites but they may be the same at any given time horoscopiques predictions to be happy in love, for example. In a word, the ascendancy occurs throughout the life of an individual . Zodiac signs used to interpret the conjunctions of the stars and to establish the predictions of the horoscope.


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